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   I’ve been producing, engineering, mixing and mastering music for the last 20 years over more than 500+ credits appearance.
In 2010 I built from scratch what would become the mighty Mikrokosm recording studios in Lyon, France. 10 years sailing this mothership led me to french South West Coast in 2020 with all my favorite gear, tape machines, instruments in a unique « ready to create » environment where I now focus on producing, mixing and mastering.

As a vintage tone lover, I’ve gathered a perfect collection of soulful equipment and instruments. Smartly interfaced with all the modern creative tools, I’ve found a hands-on hybrid setup to work fast and bring the best vibes out of any projects I’m involved in.

I also co-run Archipel, an indie label and publishing company established in 2015.

Let’s be in touch  and discuss how I can help and where we can head to… together!
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Benoit Bel


As a full blown musician, engineer, mixer and mastering engineer I love the idea of a fluid unique movement in the making of a record.

I have a singular creative approach of crafting a record, abolishing the standard separations the industry tends to build between each role and each production step. Technical knowledge and equipment is nothing but a tool like a screwdriver is to a plumber and has to be at the service of a purpose. Here we talk about music, lyrics and emotions.

This means there’s no limit in how you can impart someone’s project, how many roles you can play as long as you have a vision and know how to carry it along with the artist.

This is why contrary to most of my peers in the industry I provide indistinctly my services from composing until the delivery of mastered files. 

Still I’ll be happy to be hired for any producing, mixing or mastering traditional task.

I work mostly from my own private studio where  I do have all the classics for a full analog tapish/lofish approach, I do have all the new high end digital stuff as well if modern Hifi is the goal.

I do mix them a lot for hybrid sessions to benefit from the best of both.

Every project requires its own singular path and color.
My point is to find the more appropriate chain to enhance your music.

For production and mixes quotations please get in touch. Prices can vary significantly from one project to another depending on the style, needs, goals…

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Chris Garneau
Patrick Watson
Ben Frost
Thurston Moore Group
Jay Jay Johanson
Joe Bel
Zombie Zombie
Herman Dune
Vaudou Game
Valgeir Sigurdsson
Raoul Vignal
Electric Mamba
Nico Muhly
Daisy Lambert

Selected Works

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