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Benoît BEL - Producer / Mixer / Mastering

benoit bel

He’s been producing, mixing and mastering for the last 20 years over +500 album credits including major artists.
Vintage tones lover, he’s working in his own uncompromising production suite close to the ocean surrounded by a spectacular collection of soulful tools, tape machine, instruments…Benoit’s work is oriented into « expensive lo-fi » sounds to sublime the feeling of a live raw performance..

Mermonte - Stephen Marley - Jay Jay Johanson - Raoul Vignal - Patrick Watson - Witxes - Ben Frost - Chris Garneau - Joe Bel - Thurston Moore Group - Zombie Zombie - Oiseaux-Tempête - Brainbow - Crane Angels - Spitzer - Benjamin Fincher - Supergombo …

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benoit bel


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